The Rafah Border between Gaza and Egypt will be opened permanently to allow Palestinians in and out , and will be monitored by the UAE in the person of Mohammad Dahlan – Mahmoud Abbas rival – and his team of unarmed people helped by 500 HAMAS armed fighters . The crossing will be under UAE custody . In addition to the fact that Dahlan who was thrown out of Gaza when Gaza became independent on the ground of betrayal , will be rehabilitated and allowed to have a permanent presence in the district , the government of Gaza will create a buffer zone with Egypt that goes for one hundred meters inside the `district . Egypt had suggested that a private security company monitors the crossing, but HAMAS suggested Dahlan who works now for the Emirates and is a security officer .Gaza is`suffering from a 3 fold siege from israel, the Palestinian authority , and Egypt and lacks fuel and medications and Abbas has cut the salaries of those on the payroll of the Palestinian Authority . After failing in pacifying Mahmoud Abbas and make him ease the siege on the district , HAMAS has turned to Egypt and was more successful on the Egyptian side . Dahlan hopes by this cooperation to gain credibility in the eyes of all and increase his chances of replacing Abbas . The latest assessments say that if israel is to allow a Palestinian state , this potential state will be Gaza and not the West Bank, and Egypt is working in this direction , while areas from the West Bank or what remains from it will be placed under Jordanian custody together with the Palestinians. There are 1 million israeli settlers in the` West Bank and no possibility to create`a`state`there .



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