Is Israel the source of danger that threatens the whole world and is the Jewish community and personality responsible for all this evil or is it the USA in its structure and administration and Ambitions ? Where does USA stand regarding Israel and whose project was Israel in the first place ? Was it a Jewish project or a Christian project or both? was it a European Zionist project and when did it start ? Was it for the purpose of colonization , for a religious purpose of apocalyptic dimensions or for both? Till when will USA hold on to Israel , and what will happen if USA gives up on the Israeli project?

On many a post on fb these questions have been asked and have generated different answers on behalf of many . We will bring in here a historical view on the creation of America from academician Munir Akash that cast a light on this matter.

Dr Akash says:” It is true that the idea of America –which the white settlers brought with them to the new continent -was inspired from the Jewish stories and the Israeli tales found in the Torah and Talmud and Kabala. And it is true that this idea identified the European settlers of the new continent with the Jewish people , and identified the Natives of the land with the Canaanites ; it dealt with the Native territories as Cannanite territories that needed to be turned into the New Israel after genociding their population. But the idea of America that got inspired from the idea of “the first Israel of God” was more comprehensive and inclusive, because the idea of assembling the Jews in Palestine and establishing an Israeli State and replacing one culture and one people by another culture and people was but one of the constituents of the idea of America and its final historical project.

Three centuries before Theodore Herzl was even born, this idea of America had already assimilated Herzl’s dreams and ideas and had -five centuries before the creation of Israel -put already in place all the destructive scenarios of finishing Babel and exterminating its population ; and this because the American dream of establishing a Jewish State in Palestine is older and more fundamental than the Zionist Jewish movement and more so radical and extremist .

Never would have the Zionist Jewish movement manifest with this strength at the end of the 19th century weren’t it for the British Zionism on both sides of the Atlantic that had adopted -at the end of the 16th century- all the dreams of Herzl and, whereas Jewish Zionism targets the land of Israel, non Jewish Zionism targets the land of Israel and Ismael and Abraham , and targets even Jewish people themselves and embraces the most ugly feelings of what the west describes as Antisemitic.

Adapted from the book “ The Talmud according to Uncle Sam”

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