TOMORROW~WILL START ANOTHER ROUND OF ASTANA TALKS . Faysal al Miqdad is holding a Press Conference in Damascus, and we are still in the chemical weapons issue. After 4 years , we have not progressed one inch , and we are still stuck with the chemical weapons’ issue.
It does not matter that Syria has surrendered its whole arsenal to the International Community, and it does not matter that Syria never used or will never use these weapons in Syria against the terrorist thugs . What matters is that the US will still use this card against Syria, and Syria cannot do anything. And after surrendering its chemical arsenal through the Russian medium upon israel’s request, now Syria is expected to give in more concessions , and only God knows what these concessions will be. Maybe to negotiate on the Golan Heights directly with Israel, or to withdraw from the Axis of the Resistance, or share in liquidating the`Palestinian Cause, or ask the Resistance forces to leave, or. ..or…or… and the painful thing is that Syria is ready to present all these concessions .

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