Certainly ISIS was created in order to undermine Islam, and to turn it from an elevating force into a depressing one . The success of the Islamic Revolution in Iran had installed fear in the hearts of the predators . It was Islam that triumphed in Iran , true Islam , and it was Islam that defeated israel in Lebanon . It was true Islam and not a sect of Islam that won these victories, and the people of the Muslim and Arab Worlds identified greatly with these victories especially the victory over israel . It was a dream come true ; and the defeat of israel suddenly became possible , something that seemed so far fetched that no one ever dreamt about .Life returned to the dead who threw away centuries of defeat to wake up to a new truth and a new Reality.

Since then, the predators started thinking of ways to undermine the Religion. The victory of israel was working its way to the Arabs’ hearts and minds, and the pictures of leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah were raised in Cairo and in Ramallah. People saw the change they needed coming, and knew that that they possessed the means to bring about this change, and that their Religion and culture were a real asset and not an impediment .

For this reason, in order to curb this tendency, the Arab spring was created for the purpose of aborting the Revolution that was maturing in the hearts of the Arab and Muslim masses. The Arab masses rallied in the streets of Tunisia and Cairo and San’aa’ asking for the change they deserved . But the predators had anticipated everything and had prepared their NGOs to manipulate and infiltrate .

The Revolution did not lead, and the efforts of the people were wasted. The Arab Spring was the abortion of the Revolution . But it was not enough for the predators ; there was need to target the Religion , the source that gave hope to the people which is Islam . And ISIS was created as the opposite of Religion , the reverse of Religion which in the name of Islam will work on destroying all hope . ISIS – the predators’ tool- dressed as Islam- will work on emptying the Religion from all its meaning and from its substance, and turn it into a lethal tool and a lethal weapon so as to deprive Arabs and Muslims from their enlightenment and promotion and success.

The predators succeeded in doing this to a great extent, and instead of witnessing true Islam triumphing everywhere , we saw the Arab masses defeated in the name of the Religion . This is the predator’s work , to abort the Islamic awakening that would have taken one country after the other; and the same people who were expected to raise Islam were used as a tool for the destruction of their own people and culture and their own countries and for undermining the Religion and exposing Islam.

This is to say that it is in vain that the predator is raising these obstacles. Sooner or later, the masses will take the initiative and retrieve their Religion and culture and challenge the predator and defeat him everywhere.

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