The Popular Crowd is a real Resistance movement that was trained by the` Lebanese Resistance `and qualified to engage and win any battle . It could have defeated ISIS in no time without the Iraqi Army or the Coalition strikes . For this` reason the US started a defamation campaign against the Popular Crowd .The US did not want the Popular Crowd on the ground and wanted to dismantle it . The Iraqi rule yielded to the US blackmail and wanted to make`the`Crowd part of the`Iraqi Army in order to protect it so to speak . and make it legal . This was a set up because the Crowd is more than legal, and is the answer to the need of survival against the impending genocide and is the outcome of a fatwa issued by the highest religious` Reference in order to protect Iraq `and was defending Syria and Iraq and Iran and Lebanon . The Crowd as a result became part of the Army . Imagine the Lebanese Resistance becoming part of the Lebanese Army .This will limit greatly its prerogatives and will cripple it . The value of the Resistance is that it is`a` Resistance and coordinates with the Army but acts independently . When the Popular Crowd became part of the `Army instead of remaining an independent Resistance , it had its hands tied and was to follow the orders of the US who monitored the whole battle of al Mosul . The Popular Crowd was prevented from sharing in the battle of al Mosul and prevented from liberating Talla’far . Iraq is being deprived of its Resistance as a result .

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