There is no victory over ISIS . What has been defeated is not ISIS . ISIS now either will hide in al Mosul itself or will relocate , and this is already happening,and ISIS is relocating in Yemen and in other places also where there is a weak state and a hosting environment that will make it prosper again . One can say that the Khilafa project is over , but ISIS has not been defeated .The Khilafa project – originally -was only a maneuver to manipulate the Sunnis because the goal of ISIS is not islamic but colonialist . In Iraq, ISIS is still in Kirkook and in al Anbar and other places . In Syria, it is still in al Raqqa and Deir Ezzur and in the south of Syria under different names. ISIS was created in order to stay. In Syria now ISIS has infiltrated the society and become part of its constituents and will become moderate and share in the rule .This is one of ISIS goals also . ISIS is here to keep the war going and the Syrian Army busy and cause greater destruction and `displacement .

We are not monitoring this war so as to claim victory and to say that victory is ours. This is dishonest . The Syrian and the Iraqi rules are being complacent, and the objective of the predators is being implemented and it is to prolong this war endlessly until nothing is left . As long as the purpose of the predator to extend this war has not been defeated , there is no room for any victory . 900 thousand people were displaced in al Mosul . Just yesterday, more people were displaced from east Damascus , not to speak of those displaced by thousands from al Raqqa who were also targeted by the Coalition strikes and killed by the dozen . And yet the local media is speaking of victory while the war has not ended and is`escalating on more than a front , and the progress of the Syrian and Iraqi Armies are US coordinated, and US is ruling Iraq and more than 7 military bases US has established in Syria . More foreign troops are setting foot in both countries from Russia and US and also Canada , it is expected that Russian Forces will deploy in al Qunaitra in order to protect israel no doubt from the Resistance presence in the south. So what are we celebrating when the purposes of this war by proxy armies have not been defeated?

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