Now that Syria is again under US threat on the ground of presumed chemical attacks that US accuses Syria of planning, sources are asking why Syria did not cast a full light on what happened in 2013 in Khan el Assal and in the Ghouta of`Damascus- where chemicals were used- especially that the UN has not published its report and its observations from the ground that prove that the victims in al Ghouta were inoculated with chemicals after being `abducted from the vicinity of Ladikiyya`and brought to the Ghouta , and that the environment in al Ghouta like trees and air and vegetation, did not bear any chemical traces. . This, while in Khan al Assal the victims`were Syrian soldiers mainly who fell victims of an attack on behalf of terrorists who used rockets provided` with chemical heads that were delivered to them by the Turks .

The same sources add that had Syria revealed to the Media all the information it got about the chemical attacks in 2013 it would have been in a better position to defend itself regarding the actual US~threats . Not only Syria did not share this information with the media, but it prevented Mother Agnes of the Cross- the Catholic nun- from delivering the information she had personally gathered about the chemical attacks in al Ghouta, and that absolves the Syrian Army from any meddling with chemicals . Syria committed a great mistake`say sources.

We may ask who is behind this and who counselled Syria to act thus against its own interests ? It is worthwhile mentioning that mother Agnes cancelled more than an interview and meeting coming from abroad, and refrained from attending conferences who wanted to host her so that she exposes her view point to the audience . No doubt she was pressured by the Syrian rule who did not want the matter to be exposed. On the other hand, Russia never made public the evidence Russia said it got that proved that it is the opposition that used chemicals in Syria . Russia said it delivered this evidence to the UN but we never heard of it.

Did Syria rely on Russia to handle this matter and neglected other parties and individuals who were ready to share in this campaign for the benefit of Syria ? Its is the enemy that finally benefitted from this black out .


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