Al Mosul is not yet totally liberated and the prospects for the future are not bright regarding the northern Capital of Iraq . The liberation is due within few hours or days, and it is not known what will happen next. But all are cheering over the liberation of al Nouri Mosque in al Mosul from where the so called Caliph – presumed dead – announced the Khilafat three years ago.

The previous governor of al Mosul – Atheel al Nujayfee – who let ISIS into al Mosul in conspiracy with Turkey in 2014, and delivered the Iraqi Army weapons to ISIS, is preparing himself to come back and be governor again and is working for this purpose with others among his supporters . What will happen is that the ISIS members who originate from al Mosul will shave and dress and present themselves differently, together with the ex Baathist officers- loyal to Saddam – who engineered the introduction of ISIS into al Mosul. Those also will be part of the after ISIS period . These are the ones who qualify to take over which means we are back to point zero.

This is not surprising because those who liberated al Mosul are also the USA not because the US soldiers are present on the ground in al Mosul , they are in their military bases and they count by thousands, they are only present in the air and shared in the battle from the air, but because they are the ones who monitored the battle in al Mosul , they are the ones who will decide what will happen next, and a meeting for this purpose will be held also in Baghdad, mid of July, among Sunni Iraqi constituents, sponsored by 5 Arab countries that are KSA, Qatar, UAE, Egypt and Jordan to decide what will happen in al Mosul . There is fear that what will happen in al Mosul after ISIS is a fight between locals that will be a regional fight and an international fight also . Al Mosul will be the platform of such struggle .

Like the Syrian rule, the Iraqi rule is weak and unable to meet these challenges, and the society is divided over many issues. Some say that, nevertheless, ISIS is finished in Iraq and in Syria . This is a lie . ISIS is not finished anywhere . Is still in al Anbar in great numbers, and is receiving tons of weapons, and will confront the Iraqi Army in al Huweyja south of al Mosul , and is still in Syria in al Raqqa and Deir Ezzur operating against the Syrian Army. ISIS is simply being transferred from one place to another , between Syria and Iraq, and outside these two countries , to Libya , Yemen and Philippines and other places .


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