Threats from here and threats from there and escalation, and Russia threatens to retaliate instead of coordinate as if it ever retaliated . Ali Shamkhani Chief Commander of the Iranian forces acted reasonably without threatening and just commenting on the US threats probably knows that this is a show and nothing more. But the show is for real and the president of Syria has climbed on the Sukhoi who never received the S-300 Russian missiles by the way and he visited the wounded to refurbish his image that has been damaged somehow in the eyes of his allies . Immediately, the EU renewed the sanctions on Russia just to show us to which Axis Russia belongs and where it stands. While Iran adopts a moderate tone, Russia raises its voice . All this is to draw us away from what is really happening on the israeli – Arab front and how Syria is to be brought to a final settlement with israel that will prepare for the liquidation of the Palestinian Cause . Sayyed had said in his latest speech that israel will not work on negotiating with Palestinians right now but will focus instead on normalizing with Arabs . The new Arab alignment against Qatar works also in this direction of shifting the struggle away from israel and rehabilitate Qatar to find its place among the ” friends” of the Resistance. the same way Russia found its place.


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