Kalima Hurra of Galloway on al Mayadeen TV was about Palestine and the greater israel project . A strange title for a session when israel is not in shape to assume this project and can hardly continue to exist in its present borders . The contribution of Mahan Abedin explained HAMAS new pact that accepts a Palestinian state on the 67 borders. Most people interpreted this as a recognition of israel which is not true, there is no recognition of israel on behalf of HAMAS . But Abdeen forgot to mention Hizbullah while speaking about Arab leaderships . it was a surprise to find out that Galloway does not consider israel as defeated when israel cannot afford to wage another war on Lebanon for example for fear of losing this war which means a lot . israel is not in good shape at all and has defined the 3 sources of direct threats on its existence as being Hizbullah , HAMAS and Iran . For israel not to be able to declare war for whom war is essential is not something that one can overlook. The session did not give its due to the Lebanese Resistance and to the armed Resistance of HAMAS who protected Gaza . Galloway is more on a BDS trip and promotes Barghouthi. Worthy of mention the contribution of doctor Leila Karmy who defended Hizbullah saying that it is a national Resistance movement and the Arab masses are committed to Palestine unlike their governments.

Galloway was disappointing as usual because the greater israel is not something feasible right now, and Sayyed said that the masses from the four quarters will rally and join the war by hundreds of thousands if israel wages war on Syria or Lebanon. .Sayyed does not speak for nothing, and Galloway cannot act as if Sayyed had not spoken when israel spent days trying to understand what Sayyed said and still has not recovered from this warning .

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