Only God knows what is cooking. After standing behind Trump and investing in him right after he was elected, and praising him and his policy and cheering over his election , the Syrian rule now is rallying against him and denouncing US , and for the first time since 2014 revealing the number of casualties among civilians caused by the Coalition strikes which were kept secret and never revealed, as it is exposing US as an enemy to Syria, not forgetting the escalation of the Russian tone against US as a lip service given to Syria from Russia after it was subject to US raids. This goes together with what has been circulating about Assad’s growing popularity, and showing him on the social media visiting the wounded and the families and praying in Hama that is itself a front and not like Damascus, and also his visit to the Hmeimeem Russian air base and seeing him climbing a Russian jet fighter. All this is being staged – of course – and should be interpreted under the light of the new US threats regarding Syria and has for goal to shore up Assad again and recycle him as a national hero who has won the war against US together with his ally Putin, and to recycle Putin again as a friend of the people .

This shoring up is against a price that Syria would have to pay on the Arab/israeli front in terms of peace agreement or whatever that will draw Syria out of the struggle with israel and out of the Axis of the Resistance and prepare for the liquidation of the Palestinian cause. This explains the escalation on the Golan Heights, as it explains the israeli assaults on Gaza and the tightening of the siege on Gaza equally by the Palestinian Authority and Egypt and israel, in order to turn people against HAMAS and undermine its authority over Gaza .

As the Syrian rule needs a seemingly victory to remain posted according to the world order agenda, the USA needs a fake loss and not a real one that will allow US to remain as a international player and to continue to manipulate the situation. This should be linked also to the new attempt at bringing together Iran and Qatar that both countries are pushing for and prepare Iran for new gulf role together with Turkey and Russia different from its role in the Axis of the Resistance.

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