The al Mayadeen TV reported from the refugee camps in the south of San’aa’ how the Yemeni refugee children are feasting in their torn tents after the US -Saudi Coalition raided their houses in Sa’da . This sight will break the heart of anyone . Children in rags and barefoot and so thin but still trying to play and dance to celebrate with whatever they have . No one could take away from them on this day the little dance that they were performing slowly in a round after they had their homes destroyed and turned into rubble . No one knows what is still in store for those little children and how much their condition will worsen . Not only they haven’t gotten any clothes let alone toys , but they are hungry and so thin, and do not get enough food and are threatened by diseases also .

This is a crime; and it is another crime not to try to do anything about it. Leader Khamina’i insisted on it in this speech – yesterday- that this matter should be focused on . How about considering Yemen equal to the poor widow with orphans that ibn abi Yaqteen met on his way to Mekka, and on whom he spent the money destined to Hajj . Imam Ja’far al Sadeq then considered ibn abi Yaqteen as the only person who had performed Hajj this year .

This much noise and almost no pilgrims said the imam when asked about his Haljj to Mekka, adding that no one performed Hajj this year except myself, my camel and ibn abi Yaqteen the benevolent pilgrim who never made it to Mekka because he gave all his money to the poor widow he met on his way .

Couldn’t this be considered a fatwa regarding Hajj ? Isn’t this fatwa still relevant? Isn’t it more pleasing to God to spend the Hajj money on poor Yemeni children rather than feed their killers and slaughterers ‘of the Saudi royal family ? What do you think?


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3 Responses to THE WIDOW OF YEMEN

  1. Sean Bresnahan says:

    Very good comparison. Hope you are well brother.

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