No one can deny that there are evil forces working on destroying the spiritual human values and the moral legacy of man in order to create a society that is stripped of any humanity or Spirituality and totally subdued and subject to manipulation.Whether Islam or other religions and cultures they are values of humanity and not of certain people to the exclusion of others. Considering Islam as proper to Muslims at the exclusion of others paves the road for the destruction of Islam and of humanity and isolating Religions and cultures from one another and from humanity seeks the immolation of humanity .

The forces of evil have found for themselves a place at the head of the prevailing World Order and have managed to get the say in the fate of mankind . Man should start relying on himself and redefine his moral and spiritual identity far from schools and universities and from all forms of acculturation. He should retrieve his power of decision and his will and start determining his own fate and become present on the ground as part of the Resistance forces that qualify to confront the monster and defeat it .

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