People have grown addicted to governments and parliaments and they seem unable to manage without them and cannot even think about managing without them . Previously, administration was made of the people who ruled and administered their own lives directly by resorting to elders and the wise to obtain council. After that administrations grew into governments alienating the people from the rule . The governments exploited peoples’ disputes and differences and worked on deepening them and aggravating them . and they also started creating havoc and terror and virtual threats in order to become indispensable .

Nevertheless , the people seem ready to take the initiative again, and they feel again that they can do without these governments and administrations that are corrupt and cannot defend them , and take the matter of their protection and the protection of their own society into their own hands .The Lebanese and Palestinian armed Resistances and the Popular Crowd of Iraq are a striking examples on this, and were created for the purpose of carrying on the task of protecting the people where the respective governments have failed . The people have become aware of their condition to a certain extent, and to the direct threats that target them, and they don’t need their governments to tell them that their cause of self defense is a righteous cause or that the Palestinian Cause is a central cause, and they don’t need to go through the UN for this purpose .

This is what the leader of the Resistance – Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah- spoke about in his latest speech; and it is that the new super power that is to be born is not a country or a world power, or an organization or an alliance or a conglomeration or a geostrategic axis, it is the people themselves who will take the initiative and rush to support Arabs and Palestinians . The matter has gone out of governments and rulers’ hands, and out of authorities and institutions and organizations hands , it has become a matter related to the people who identify fully with the cause .

This is the super power that is now taking shape with respect to the Palestinian Cause and soon will become a reality and an authority, and will not need any rule or order to resort to but will act directly in favor of the people and of the cause and rush to the call of the distressed without permission from any one .It is in this power- that Sayyed is investing – that is the real power of the Resistance . A Resistance of the people by the people to the people that is its own master and reference and have the protection of the people and the support of their cause for purpose and compass and guide.

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