100+ martyred in Parachinar suicidal attack

This is not a Shi’a/Sunni fight in Pakistan and what Pakistan is witnessing has nothing to do with Shi’a /Sunni differences . What is happening is between the people and the World Order that has taken peoples into enmity and set them against one another. The World Order agenda targets people and is against people achieving their potential and acquiring the rights they claim. In each step the World order expresses its enmity to the people and it is this enmity that is the origin of all conspiracies and fights

The Sunni/Shi’a differences in Pakistan are peculiar in the sense that in Pakistan this sectarian fight bears a different meaning than the meaning it bears in Iraq for example . This is because in Pakistan this sectarian fight happens in an environment that is already torn between Hinduism and Islam whereby what is at stake between India and Pakistan is not just Religion but it is the Muslim claim of the land . This is where the Religious intersects with the national and the Muslims claimed their right to Pakistan like the jews claimed their right to Palestine with the difference that the first involved separation and the second involved invasion . The same enmity that existed between Muslims and Hindus that led Muslims to create their national separate secular state on the ground of religion ,is transferred now to become a Shi’a/ Sunni enmity targeting the Shi’as and trying to exclude them and displace them and throwing them out . These sectarian differences cannot be solved on a sectarian level , they have to be solved at their origin in the Pakistani /Indian national and religious conflict that tore the one nation apart.. The same colonialist hand that has divided the one Nation into two is now dividing the one community band setting one against the other.

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