On the Day of al Qods, Sayyed insists that the purposes of the enemy has been defeated because the Axis of the Resistance is still standing and has gained additional assets in Iraq and Yemen who are assets to the Resistance against israel. Sayyed considers that in Syria the purpose of replacing Assad by a world order stooge has been defeated, and this is an achievement hoping that the schemes of partitioning Syria will all fail. Sayyed adds that many fail in understanding Iran thinking that Iran thinks in terms of political interests while Iran is motivated and inspired by Religion and ideology and not by narrow political interests and Iran is characterized by this unlike other countries . People should understand this peculiarity about Iran that is the pillar of the Axis of the Resistance

Sayyed says that there are two Axes , the Resistance Axis and the USA Axis and those in the middle should make up their minds denying any polarity other than the Resistance / anti Resistance polarity . One either belongs to the Resistance or to its enemies and there are no other choices .

Sayyed puts his full trust in the people and says that whether in Palestine or in Yemen or elsewhere it is the people who are targeted and who are pushed to hopelessness and despair . Why the people are targeted is because they are the Resistance and they are the hope, and as long as they resist and fight , the enemy’ will not succeed , therefore these attempts at discouraging the people that is a psychological warfare . this warfare has targeted the Palestinians trying to picture their cause as hopeless and in vain and to picture the Palestinians as terrorists . The israelis have everything to gain from trying to have the Palestinians and Arabs give up on their cause and forsake it, and for this reason there is so much pressure exerted on the Palestinians to have them grow tired and weak.

Sayyed said that more people will celebrate al Qods Day as time passes saluting those who took to streets in Nigeria and Bahrain and Pakistan and everywhere and adding that any future war with israel will have to take into account that forces from the four quarters will join this war that will not be restricted to the Lebanese or Syrians but will include others that israel will have to fight .

The core of Sayyed’s speech is the people, and everything revolves around them, and the Resistance is strong and has gained in strength also, and there are victories to come . the field has become totally visible and those who pacify will not last long and all have been exposed which will make us closer to victory.

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