The problem is not ISIS , and ISIS has proved to be a product of the same colonialist system that produced the governments and rulers and stooges of the Arab and Muslim world . ISIS is powerful because it is connected to the same power the Arab and Muslim puppets are connected to and that is why it cannot be defeated by these rulers and puppets .

ISIS is a threat on the people not on the rules and on systems. The corrupt systems and rules have no problem with ISIS they even can co exist and accommodate ISIS and pacify with it . This is a real problem , because ISIS will feels at home in these corrupt environments and prosper and multiply and the people are victims of both . This happened in Syria. The Syrian rule did not fight ISIS in order to eradicate ISIS , it fought ISIS seemingly because ISIS is not the enemy of the rule , it is the enemy of the people that it harassed and abused and killed and displaced Fighting ISIS was more of a maneuver on behalf of the Syrian rule , it was not serious and the Syrian people were left to provide for themselves and they had nothing to defend themselves with. The Syrians were not given the chance to organize their Resistance and defend themselves and their homes and their families. Only the Resistance can save the people , their own RESISTANCE.

The Lebanese people had realised at one point that the Lebanese state will not protect them and that Zionists are the enemies of people and are allied to the system and to the rule . The Lebanese started their own Resistance encouraged supported and blessed by Iran . The Resistance grew from a mustard seed into a big tree as big as the world.This is how the Axis of the Resistance was born . It was born from the people that rallied against the World Order in order to install justice and freedom on earth . The Resistance is made of people and not of fake alliances with governments and rulers . The Resistance is from the people and for the people


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