bismillah walhamdulillah
assalamu alaykum
Since then this day as been celebrated
after the Imam departed , leader Khamina’i insisted on continuing this revival
and this Day has reached more than a country .
and the day will come when Arabs and Muslims will all celebrate
This Day coincides with the 50th commemoration of the usurp of al Qods
that the enemy was celebrating
what is happening in our region since 7 years is another ordeal
with many challenges but with many achievements also
we believe that the people in different places rallied spontaneously, but unfortunately due to the lack of leadership
the movement was contained and channeled to serve the enemy
the main purpose is to liquidate the Palestinian cause
the goal for all these wars and troubles is to prepare the road and the minds and the spirit to reach a compromise at the expense of the Palestinians
this is an old scheme but comes in different forms according to the circumstance
what the Palestinians suffer . siege, and abuse and settlements and threats and destroying houses and fields
a big psychological pressure to drive the Palestinians to despair so that they settle for the minimum
this is psychological warfare
targeting the Axis that supports Palestine . attempts at isolating Iran and turning Iran into an enemy and transfer the battle into Iran by way of terrorist thugs
the Saudis are too coward to wage war on Iran but they will try to isolate and pressure Iran

Syria is essential in the Axis of the resistance and still is
and is a big obstacle to any settlement at the expense of Palestinians and they did their best in order to undermine Syria
by using Takfiris , al Nusrat and ISIS came to remove the rule and destroy the Syrian Army and give Syria to those who are ready to compromise
Trump accuses HAMAS and the Resistance of terror in front of 50 Arab states and to target the Resistance and cut its funds so as to liquidate the Palestinian cause
After that, Iraq showed a will not to be part of the conspiracy against PALESTINE for this reason they sent ISIS to Iraq
ISIS is USA made, and funded by gulf countries according to US will and Turkey also and
this by the saying of Trump himself
Iraq had refused to be part of the conspiracy on Palestine
As for Yemen , they could have avoided this war , they will not accept that those who support Palestine rule Yemen
and the fact that Yemen is an important strategic country , and this is why the war on Yemen has been launched in order to undermine the Yemeni forces that are for Palestine and will never compromise
all the countries are going through ordeals: Bahrain and Somalia and KSA and others , so that people give up and let go of Palestine
pushing the Palestinians to despair , the Palestinians are the target
In the Herzelia conference held few days ago
they said that there is no need to bring up Palestine and that Jerusalem is united under Zionist authority
and no refugees will be allowed back, not even one
israelis say that previously we reached a settlement with Palestinians and then started normalizing with Arabs
but now they will start by normalizing with Arabs and then reach a settlement with Palestinians
now israel wants normalization before anything else and will not negotiate with Palestinians at all but will give crumbs to the Palestinians
there are 2 Axis: one made of israel and US and the second the Axis of the resistance
made of those who resist israel
they expected that this Axis falls apart
but this did not happen and the Axis proved itself during all these years . The Resistance of Syria and Iraq and Yemen stood in the face of these schemes
Iran is not isolated and resisted the sanctions and grew stronger as a regional power
and Iran confronted these conspiracies , and terror in Iran will lose
any one questioning the role of Iran in Syria will have to remain quiet
and Iran retaliated and hit its target
Iran will never forsake PALESTINE or the forces of the resistance
they cannot understand that Iran’s position regarding Palestine is NOT political but Religious and ideological . If Iran forsakes Islam then it is possible that Iran forsakes Palestine
they cannot understand a country like Iran or the Iranians . Iran stands as one when confronting the enemy
they have to know this about Iran that Iran is steadfast and will never change
due to the solidarity and unity , the rule in Syria has not fallen in order to be replaced by another rule that is agent to the foreigner.
there is Resistance in Syria also
In Iraq also there is Resistance and al Mosul shall be free even if they are in al Anbar but there is no future for ISIS in Iraq
And Iraq feels it is up to the challenge

Yemen with its limited capacities and besieged also and the israelis are raiding Yemen also . and the Yemenis have not surrendered
And the Yemenis despite the fact that they stand alone and that even the Palestinians support them shyly
just watch the rally in favor of al Qods in Yemen which shows the failure of all the conspiracy to drive Yemen away from Palestine
this is where al Saud failed
The Resistance is now strong and Yemen is part of this Axis and we are proud of Yemen
The Resistance is also in Palestine and Lebanon . no one has surrendered its weapons and the Resistance is fully prepared

Lieberman says that one of our problems is that since 1967 we have not won a war
the lack of victories will breed lack of confidence . and that is why they pacified with Egypt and launched their war on the Resistance
the Arab rulers want to give israel a cheap victory
Lieberman says they ask me what will happen with Gaza and Lebanon and i answer that we have no intention to wage a war but to avoid war by taking preventive measures
Why they do not want a war ? because any war will be costly
and israel is not ready and cannot be victorious neither in Gaza nor in Lebanon , because there is Resistance
the enemy knows that there is no way to win in Lebanon or in Gaza
they can destroy , but they cannot win
our goal is to keep this situation to last for many years says the Chief israeli commander

in Bahrain the Bahrainis also took to streets to rally for al Qods and also in Nigeria where massacres happened arranged by the Saudis also in Pakistan and Turkey and other countries
they failed in isolating Palestine
the Resistance against israel is growing stronger
The Palestinians and all those who have faith in this cause should not despair nor give up nor surrender because we have many achievements , they know their enemy from their ally and the allies should be supported
they should know the Resistance to be strong
Today we have two more assets and they are the Iraq and the Yemen . all should know that the Axis has grown stronger
if the israelis if they attack Lebanon or Syria they will open the doors to thousands of people from everywhere to come and join the battle against them . it will not be like 2006
they failed in achieving their main goals
the rules and the systems have become totally exposed
Imam Musa al Sadr had said : the honor of al Qods will refuse to be liberated except at the hands of the faithful ones
What is happening between israel and some Arab countries is positive , because al Qods will not be liberated by the Munafiqeen but by the faithful ones who are sacrificing , when the rulers have become exposed this means that we are close to the victory
They should know that while the rulers could normalize , the people will never normalize with israel and i am not giving false hopes . and one day will come when israel will be eradicated
the conspirators should know that they will lose this war against the Resistance and they will not achieve their purpose

the country that is letting israel in to normalize and pacify and recognize is the KSA and does this in the name of the Religion
all should know this truth
that the Saudis are selling the whole region to the usurper
hundreds of suicidals are not fighting for money but have been convinced that if they do this they will eat at the table of the Prophet . They should stop teaching this and on top they accuse others of sponsoring Terror
All Muslims should ask the Saudis to stop the war on Yemen and to stop catering to the Wahabi thought and stop normalizing with israel
we renew our commitment to the Palestinian cause and we fight this battle to protect Lebanon and keep Lebanon safe from ISIS whose monstrosity was never witnessed before and that is sponsored by KSA and by USA and we are heading to reap more victories by God’s will


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