Why the Syrian rule never protected Syria is another question . Why didn’t the Syrian rule use air strikes to protect its borders, and why did it let tens of thousands of terrorist thugs cross the borders from Turkey ? From the beginning why didn’t it act like a sovereign state and protect its people ? Who confiscated the Syrian rule decision? Who will not allow Syria to fly its jet fighters near the borders of Turkey and why Syria accepted this black mail? Why Syria was in need of adequate weapons when it is part of the Axis of the Resistance and could get all the weapons it needed. Why did it tie the hands of the Resistance and of Iran and will not let them lead the battle despite their qualifications and readiness and disposition ? Why did Syrian shun the Resistance? Did it consider the Resistance a terrorist group or was it warned not to cooperate or draw closer to its allies but rather be satisfied with Russia ? Why when Iran can successfully target ISIS not give the permission to Iran to lead the battle against Terror? So many questions that remain with no answer and that explain why Syria did not win this war

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