This think tank called ’Azmi Bishara- Palestinian citizen of Israel – and Zionist affiliated intellectual – is one of the engineers of the Arab Spring for whom Qatar has created the biggest research center in the gulf and maybe in the Arab World. Early in 2011, Bishara met in Qatar Zionist fraudulent intellectual Bernard Henry Levy , and together with others also, worked on instigating the Arab Spring in different Arab countries. In this lecture, Bishara speaks about this Spring and says that this Spring was not successful in implementing democracy in the Arab countries due to the absence of an intellectual elite- as he calls it – that qualifies to take the lead for which reason the Arab Spring failed according to him .

Bishara knows very well that there was an intellectual elite- like himself- and that this elite was busy conspiring against the people and mis-leading them instead of leading them, and the Arab Spring bore no possibility of achieving something for the people because the masses were manipulated by foreign affiliated NGOs who exploited the peoples’ need for a change and took them astray and made sure that their protests abort and do not lead. It is true that there were no leadership, but it was not meant that this event will produce any real leaders- as usually happens in Revolutions – because this was all manipulated from A to Z and was an anticipation of the real Revolution that was in the process of maturing in different Arab countries and societies especially in Egypt the biggest Arab country .

This is what made the Spring fail the people, and it could not have been otherwise unless a miracle happened and the people retrieved their decision and their power of will and rejected all alien foreign custody and relied on themselves . In Egypt, everything was planned from the beginning to bring the Muslim Brothers who were not part of the Spring protests, and then to remove them and expose them in order to undermine them and undermine the armed Palestinian Resistance of HAMAS related to them . It is hypocritical on behalf of Bishara not to admit this truth, and to blame the failure of the Spring on the absence of enlightened intellectuals and qualified elite , when the whole Spring was manipulated and engineered by people like himself and Levy and was meant to be a failed attempt, and an early abortion of the Revolution that was maturing in the bosom of the Arab masses.

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