As usual Russia, will offer lip service and will stop the air safety agreement with US as an answer to shooting down a Syrian jet fighter near al Raqqa by the Coalition air force , and the Syrians have not been able to retrieve the pilot . Russia also said that it is ready to retaliate to any transgression which is mere talk as usual .The Russians will never confront US . The truth is that since the war started Syrian air fighters were not allowed to fly in certain places even before Russia came to Syria especially close to the Turkish borders, and they were threatened in case they attempted to do so . . Syrian planes were not able to transgress certain limits within the Syrian air space and this has not changed probably. So many things we don’t know about this war , and so many things remain hidden that the Syrian rule will not reveal among them why Iranians and Hizbullah who were there to help Syria and the Syrians and to help the rule had their hands tied in Syria and for what purpose ?

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