Unless Arabs and Muslims learn what happened to the Native indigenous of America many centuries ago, they will never know what is happening to them and what is in store for them , because what happened to the Native indigenous of the New world will happen to all natives, and the turn of each will come in due time . Previously, we blamed the massacre and extermination of the Native Indigenous of America and their physical and cultural genocide on their lack of civilization and on their savagery, and on the state of primitiveness that characterized them, justifying thus their genocide on behalf of the predator .Since this historical moment that started 600 years ago , the genocide of Natives around the globe has never stopped . And like we blamed the Native culture on the massacre of the Natives of America , today we blame the Muslim culture for the massacre of Arabs justifying once more the genocide of Natives and allowing the predator to get away with his crime. Until we blame the predator colonialist west for these crimes against humanity and none other , this genocide of peoples will continue on and on and will be justified every time . .

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