Bismillah wal hamdulillaah
In this blessed night i would like to conclude what i said with what Imam Ali counselled his two sons
Imam Ali was stricken with the sword on the 19th and was martyred few days later
he told his sons to feed the criminal and give him water and not tie him and leave him loose
the Counsel comes in one page
and the Imam concentrated on the most important things
i ask you to fear God and not seek this world meaning to avoid transgressing the ordinances of the Religion
and to keep away from every thing that displeases God
God fearing is what the fasting breeds
the wise person does not disobey God . but this might happen and the fasting is for this purpose to have the person avoid disobeying God
When the mind is in control there is no fear of disobeyance
One has to assess himself and to find out if his mind is in control . Fasting is to help induce God fearing . to take the decision and apply this
and not to seek this material world with its pleasures whether this world seeks them or not
clinging to life is the origin of all sin
and seeking this worldly life should be avoided
and if you lose something do not be affected
because this world is mortal
to tell the truth and to work for the hereafter
nothing is wasted in the eyes of God
and to put your life in order and seek order

if one expects recognition from the other this is difficult but God is all knowing
and take the oppressor for enemy
and be on the side of the oppressed
i tell you to fear God
the universe is built on order and this order should be part of our lives
disorder brings problems
to respect the law and every rule even in countries that are not Muslim
and to bridge the relation between you and the other
the relations should be sound in a given society or country
the wise people should interfere and bring people together and give this a priority because this breeds stability and will lead to justice and progress
bridging relations is better than praying and fasting according to the Rasul
says Imam’Ali

Problems should not be neglected
I tell you to take care of the orphans
and do not leave them unattended
and feed them daily
And your neighbors also keep them attended to the point that people thought that they will inherit the Rasul so much he insisted on this
and take care of the neighbor and give priority to this
in the city this is difficult , people do not know who their neighbors are
it is the Prophet who said this
and keep reading the Quran
Reading the Quran in order to meditate over its content and the goal is to commit one self to it and work according to its ordinances
and to compete in this
as individuals and groups
and to keep the payer that is the pillar of Religion
it is like the pillar that raises the tent
and such is the prayer
and not to forsake prayer in whatever condition , there is no excuse to leave prayer even if one is drowning
and to perform Hajj and not to forsake it and not to leave the house of God empty
because if the house of God remains empty then you will be exposed to God’s wrath or you will not be protected against your enemy
but nowadays the pilgrims are prevented from expressing the truth about Hajj and Hajj has become a mere ritual
and fight for the sake of God . Jihad through the self and the wealth
and through your speech also
and especially nowadays
to speak , to write on the social media for God’s sake especially with what is going on in defaming Islam like they defamed other Religions
This Umma needs to defend itself against all this
And never to leave the Jihad
because this is how countries lose their independence
the Umma that struggles becomes strong and resilient
other wise there is humiliation and weakness , losing faith in their people and armies
and losing their will
and to keep communicating and exchanging and helping one another
this is how the enemy will take hold of us
and cooperating and understanding one another
exerting efforts in this direction
and show patience also and bear one another
and these are the ordinances of the Religion
even USSR collapsed due to the absence of cohesion
and many things were distorted like Allahu Akbar was distorted

the Munkar should be avoided like waging for drugs and selling drugs. Not the Munkar in the small things but in the big things also. Like people sticking to details and neglecting important things like agency and betrayal
seeking understanding and welfare this is inviting to Ma’rouf

then adressing bani abdel Muttalib Imam Ali on his death bed said:
do not seek to revenge me by waging war for my sake . Only kill the one person who killed me
if i die punish the killer and do not disfigure him
never disfigure any leaving being not even a rabbid dog
and feed the person who struck me with the sword; feed him from what you eat and give him to drink from what you drink and do not tie him up nor disfigure him
This is Islam and not ISIS
we need to present this model to all
especially now that Islam is being defamed
kill the person who killed me
tribal customs are good like courage and help and other things but revenge is one of the tribal customs that are not good
i address the Shi’a tribes to tell them that the IMAM only asked his executioner to be killed and not anybody else
This counsel should be a way of life
i ask God to help us achieve this and may God accept your fasting and may this feast sees you growing in patience


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