The Saudi King Salman bin Abdel Aziz appoints his son Mohammad bin Salman as heir to the throne to replace Mohammad bin Nayef the real heir to the throne relieving Mohammad bin Nayef from all his duties , the decision was approved by the Guardian Council and by Muhammad bin Nayef himself who wished good luck to the future king and who would have to be satisfied with the decoration he received from the CIA lately for his efforts in serving US interests in the region at the detriment of the Arab people. The Next step is for the king who suffers from Alzheimer to abdicate in favor of his son Mohammad bin Salman . This comes all with US green light and approval that seem to have put the whole gulf under KSA custody . If this is true , this means that all countries will become another Bahrain. But this is not final of course and God knows what awaits KSA because the US is known for not sparing its stooges, and many say that another Spring is about to bloom in the Arab Peninsula. All in all, this shows that the war on Yemen will not end soon, and the US- Saudi massacre of Yemenis will continue while another alignment will take birth : a Qatari- Turkish- Muslim Brothers alignment that will try to assimilate HAMAS and contain Iran. and that is also pro US and israel.


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