The two Armies – the Syrian and the Iraqi have met finally – on their common borders . An encounter of the third and fourth kind worthy of Hollywood and that is US approved and coordinated . Something that will make Steven Spielberg’s mouth water . The al Mayadeen TV has followed the progress of both forces step by step until the two met finally , and now is time to celebrate . The refugees are not part of this celebration unfortunately and they will have to suffer the Coalition strikes in addition to the displacement and the genocide that they are subject to . But the media and both rules are cheering over this fake victory and al Abadi is already on TV , and soon will appear Syrian Army commander Fahed Jassem al Freij who will scream this victory in our ears . Victory there is none . The war is not over and we still are in the middle of it, and what we see and hear are stories . The truth is that ISIS is still everywhere and has even evolved and become more refined . Only the evolved ISIS will remain and the other will be sacrificed, and it is the US that should celebrate alone for taking the Arabs on this wonderful ride of Terror and anti Terror both created, engineered and monitored by USA and its clients.

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