While the US congress is in the process of approving of an israeli-Palestinian settlement worked out by the Trump administration, and while the Palestinian prisoners issue has been neutralized after the latest hunger strike that was monitored by the PA controlled the protests in the West Bank, the Palestinian President is studying reconsidering the status of the District of Gaza labeling it as lawless and rebellious to the Palestinian Authority . This means that the Palestinian Authority will have the right to expel HAMAS representatives from the National Council, and will reserve to itself the right to punish the district as a whole .

This step is extremely dangerous and the Palestinian Authority has already taken measures by cutting the salaries of 50 thousand people employed by the` Authority in Gaza , and by cancelling the released prisoners’ compensations, and also by not allowing fuel to reach Gaza which increased the electricity cuts 2 more hours . Gaza as a result is only enjoying electricity 3 hours a day , and nothing is functioning properly in the besieged district .

. Mahmoud Abbas is dealing with the Palestinian people who are his people as if they were his true enemy, and the israelis consider this matter an internal Palestinian issue and will not interfere they say .

On the other hand, the talks of HAMAS in Egypt have failed that sought to ease the siege on Gaza even though HAMAS has been quite active in sanctioning ISIS and undermining it in Gaza . The israelis are not idling either , and they are building a wall around the district that goes underneath the ground in order to block the tunnels that they say have access to the israeli settlements, and they are transgressing Gaza’s borders in many areas and operating within using the special material and equipment they have brought for this purpose.

We no more hear of solidarity with Gaza, and this fever of rushing to the help of Palestinians has vanished, and the reason is that it was not a genuine endeavor, nor was it in favor of Palestinians, but in favor of some dark agenda that has to do with the Arab Spring.

Today, the israelis have broken into al Aqsa Mosque and thrown tear gas bombs on the Palestinians inside . This comes in response to the operation carried on in al Qods that took the life of one `israeli soldier and where 3 Palestinians were martyred.

There is a complete siege imposed on east Jerusalem now with thousands of israeli soldiers `present on the ground. Mahmoud Abbas has not allowed the Palestinians to remain and guard the Mosque from settlers who break in every day protected by the israeli army.

The israeli scheme seeks to link the`West Bank or what remains of it to Jordan and link Gaza to Egypt and abolish the` independent Palestinian state for which Abbas has dropped his` weapons and delivered them to israel starting the peace process that excludes armed struggle. But the Palestinian Authority has ended up with neither state nor weapons, totally at the mercy of the israeli predator.who prays everyday on Palestinians

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