The Title of this war launched on ISIS in Syria and Iraq is DISPLACEMENT. And this war is not to eradicate Terror or eradicate ISIS, this war is coordinated with US, and US does not want to eradicate ISIS that it created and authored . US wants to recycle ISIS and use it again and it is sending ISIS now to Libya and Yemen and Philippines to operate on these fronts, and is also taking ISIS from place to place in Syria .

As a result, hundreds of thousands of people are being displaced in Syria and Iraq, and are being targeted by the Coalition strikes in the places where they have taken refuge. More than 3 thousand civilians have been killed during these two last months . This displacement is genocide itself, and should be avoided by all means .

This war comes at a very high cost . Is the `recycling of ISIS on behalf of US worth this heavy cost ? Why not leave ISIS where it is and wait for an appropriate moment where at least the battle will not be monitored, supervised and coordinated with USA as it is now, and why not have the people develop their own Resistance far from USA and rally to throw ISIS out? Why cause such a displacement in both countries, and help the predator carry on his vicious scheme of demographic alterations that are engineered and end up with so many homeless people that will have to pay with their lives the recycling of ISIS on behalf of USA?

It is not known what will happen to the places that ISIS will evacuate or will have to deliver . ISIS will stay in these places most probably under different labels and will be able to hide until it is reactivated again as it will be transferred to other places to operate . This recycling and relocating of ISIS is not worth the displacement of such huge numbers of people.

There is need to ponder and assess the situation on behalf of both rules in Syria and Iraq and not rush to engage in the path that the predators has opened for us.



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