The ISIS has no Religion, and is neither Muslim nor Wahabi . Terror has no Religion and no ideology other than that of the colonialist . Terror is`Terror and ISIS and its sisters are religiously illiterate , and they have no relation whatsoever with Religion . Illiteracy in Religion is not an ideology and does not breed Terror . It breeds ignorance and stagnation .If Illiteracy in Religion bred Terror , the majority of the people would have become terrorists because all are illiterate in Religion. Ignorance of Religion is not an ideology. ISIS are not the owners of any ideological project that they seek to implement. Their project is not religious but is colonialist and serves the colonialist agenda . The Khilafa project is a US Intelligence project, and has nothing to do with Religion or with the aspirations of Muslims . ISIS is a tool , and the Caliph , al Baghdadi, is a CIA agent and nothing more and whoever associates ISIS or any of its sisters with Islam be it Wahabi or Sunni or whatever is mislead and misleading people . Neither ISIS nor its sisters`are the carriers of any regional religious project or pan islamic project . They carry the international project of colonialism.

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