Such a shame ! Beirut has hosted Emeritus professor Richard Falk also UN rapporteur on Palestinian human rights who came and gave a lecture about Populism and Trump and the decline of US leadership . Mister Falk seems `to have landed by parachute in our small country and in the small gathering in one of Beirut Universities .The students were also living in an other world and the whole lecture revolved around a topic that the lecturer wanted to keep away from the sore spots of our lives .

So, there was talk about the cold war , about globalism and how we missed the opportunity to get rid of nuclear weapons , about the rise of populism and the deterioration of human rights, about Trump and his impeachment, about the ecology also and the warming up , about the youth and the rise of the youth . Also some hints about the Palestinian condition where Mister Falk was evasive because he does not want to tell to Palestinians`what to do as he says .

This is when the academician disappeared to make room for the UN rapporteur who reveals to the audience the UN agenda regarding Palestine . So ,peaceful Resistance will be the answer until the israelis develop this awareness that will make them choose what is good for them . This is when the two peoples – israelis and Palestinians – will come up with a settlement of some sort that is to the benefit of the israelis . What we understand is that the Palestinians are to invest in the israelis’ growing awareness of what is good for them , and, in the meantime, they will have to resort to anti Apartheid and to BDS policies and to embrace the South African agenda that defeated the coloniser
Falk said that this is how the South Africans realised that they should do justice to the Natives , and this is how they solved the South African problem without having to present more concessions .

Once again, the human rights UN rapporteur is worried about israel and the continuity of israel, and bets on the israeli awakening as if israel was on its own and not part of a world order scheme that has all poor countries for target . Mister Falk seems to want people to forget that there is something called armed Resistance that defeated israel, and that it is thanks to this Resistance that Lebanon is still standing and that he was able to land in Beirut and give this lecture . But we will not tell Richard Falk this truth . Let him wait for the israelis to awaken to their condition . in case this happens .


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