Total mobilization is required at all levels . As much as one knows who the enemy is one should prepare oneself . The enemy is known and had been identified and seeks to immolate Arabs and Muslims and is taking one country after the other reducing nations to heaps of rubbles and causing people to flee their homes to the four quarters . The Enemy can go ahead with his vicious schemes and overcome us as long as we are not aware of his schemes. But if`we develop this awareness and stick to it , If we remember what happened to the Native Nations of America, we will know what is in store for us , and there is not the least doubt about it . Nothing has changed , it is the same scheme that has been going on for centuries by the same authors feeding on our ignorance and negligence . It is time that we get enlightened and get our act together, and not have the least doubt about who our enemy is, and what his intentions are , and shun this enemy, and expose him, and denounce him, and prepare to confront him at all levels, and unmask his maneuvers and plots and discover his affiliates and agents and work on eradicating him finally and definitely if we are to survive.


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