Syria is no more Syria, it has become thug land , and the thugs are everywhere, and they range from the Syrian Army to the FSA to al Nusra passing by the volunteers of the Popular Committees`who volunteered to rob people and loot entire villages and towns rather than defend them as we have learned..

The great problem of Syria is not so much the NATO proxy armies coming from the four quarters as it is the moral degeneracy and the want in ethics witnessed equally in the Syrian Army , in the volunteer fighting groups and in the terrorist thugs . This moral bankruptcy has affected all as it seems , and is`extremely dangerous, more dangerous than the invasion by proxies .

No one wants to talk about this degeneracy that seems to have transgressed all limits . One wonders what value does the liberation of`Aleppo bear for which the forces of the`Resistance offered so many martyrs when- now- Aleppo has become a place where the law of the jungle reigns, and thugs who show their loyalty to the rule are committing all sorts of infractions and violations and terrorizing the population the same way the terrorist thugs used to.

Yesterday, these thugs of Aleppo shot down a Syrian child who insisted that these armed men buy gum from him in an incident that was reported by al Akhbar local news paper , and other incidents as well that are making Aleppo no more a livable place.

It is as if the want in morality and ethics of the Syrian rule, and the violations committed by this very rule have pervaded the country taking advantage of the situation of instability and chaos . The disease was already there, and has spread due to the favorable conditions. Syria has been ruled for years by a corrupt system. And while Assad has been wrongly accused of murdering his people , he has not been exposed for corruption . Not only this, but he acquired credibility by having the Resistance and Iran support him, and he solidified his position at the expense of the Syrian people who lost the means to contest his rule. Now, the Syrians have despaired from operating any change or any reform favorable to Syria, and they have become helpless with no alternative but to choose between Assad and ISIS. This is not a real choice because the two seem to come together.

It is very difficult that Syria heals, and there is need for new resolves taken at deep levels , and this is also difficult to search for oneself in this rubble . There was only one light- that of the Resistance and Iran , and the Syrian people were alienated from the model of the Resistance that was operating on the ground and showing to all what faith and commitment and sacrifice can achieve . It was Russia that was promoted instead together with secularism , and the Syrians started learning Russian instead of learning how to become strong and independent and up to the challenges. They were deprived from the precious lessons of the Resistance by their rule who feared that such model will leave its deep impact on the Syrians who might choose to tread the path of the Resistance. They were offered rather the model of the Russian officers whom some Syrians we know describe as mafiosos in uniform ..And only God knows if the chaos reigning in Aleppo right now is not in order to tarnish the reputation of the spotless Resistance who liberated the place and restored to the Syrians their sovereignty and dignity…

This is a big challenge for the Syrians to restore and retrieve their morality and build a moral attitude that will help them overcome the challenge . But if they do not do this , the country might be lost and the future as well. 


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