Total black out in the`Russian media`about the demonstrations on Monday that took place in one hundred cities of the Federation during the Russian National Day against the corruption of the Russian administration. These protests were lead by dissident activist Alexei Navalny who is also candidate to the presidency . The Media described these demonstrations as rallies for celebration of the National Day while in fact they were against the corruption of the rule . The Russian rule is one of the most corrupt on earth . It is the mafia that is ruling after the USSR empire collapsed . Russia has become a rogue state with rogue rulers that take turns to rule . This rule is maintained and kept in place by the predator World Order who is using Russia to infiltrate countries and fronts presenting Russia as a pole to the World Order on the side of the people who are fighting for their sovereignty and independence .

270 thousands shared n the protests in Moscow`alone` and Navalny was arrested as a result for for calling for protests` without`asking permission .


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