Leader Khamina’i insisted that the roots of Terror in our region are Americans adding that the US speaks about unsettling the region. We ask them what is their relation to the region? and they and their agents and affiliates are behind the instability the West of Asia is witnessing adding that the US is behind the creation of ISIS and their fighting ISIS is but a lie. They oppose the ISIS that is out of their control and support the ISIS that they control . The leader added that the US visit the Saudi Arabia whose rule goes back to the Middle ages and they speak about the civil rights in Iran that is a model for democracy and for the people’s sovereignty . The leader added that Iran will not change its essential stands and will not stop fighting oppression or defending Palestine. The leader brought up the election issue saying that the Iranians have shown how much they trust the Islamic rule . The leader said that we should not divide the people upon their voting for this or that adding that if we were to administer the country in the right way to meet the actual challenges we have to draw the road map far from confusion and take the right decisions for the sake of the common interest that is not in contradiction with the national and revolutionary identity of the Iranians. The leader’s view is that the national interests become realistic when they are not in contradiction with the national and revolutionary identity of the Iranian people

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