More than 900 Iraqi refugees were poisoned and suffering from serious symptoms in the Refugee camp of al Khazir north of al Mosul after they had eaten for Iftar food that was especially offered and packed by a Qatari organization to be consumed during the fasting month of Ramadan . Iraqi authorities has sent medical aid and is investigating the matter . Qatar , who is sending calls to the four quarters to secure its food after it was banned by its neighbors is poisoning its Arab neighbors intentionally or non intentionally . Why we say this is that Qatar is known for implementing and financing along with KSA the world order agenda of genociding the Arabs and infiltrating the Palestinian Resistance ; and the Qatari prince who visited Gaza in 2012 before resigning and abdicating to his son had distributed to the leaders of HAMAS fancy pens that were in fact spying devices designed by israel according to what has been reported . No one knows whether poisoning thousands of Iraqi refugees was accidental or intentional . This is not in order to join the anti Qatar chorus that is fashionable nowadays , but Qatar is a real asset for the criminal world order.
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