UN envoy to Yemen Ould el Sheikh will be replaced after the Yemenis refused to negotiate with him and refused him as a mediator . Ould el Sheikh was trying to broker a
fishy deal with the Ansarullah according to which they will hand in al Hudayda sea port to the Saudi-US alliance against paying the salaries of the Yemeni employees that have been suspended for 3 months now for lack of funds . This happened after Mansur Hadi transferred the Central Bank to Aden . the Ansarullah refused the deal and refused Ould el Sheikh as well . The Yemenis who are fighting the predator world order with everything they’ve gotten and preventing the enemy from achieving its goals have been showing solidarity and unity while the World is ignoring them except for sending ISIS thugs to them, and now they are around 200 of them in al Baydaa’ province. This war has been extremely costly and waged on poor people seeking to immolate them by various means because they refused to subjugate themselves to the predators . The number of casualties in more than 2 years of war is 6700, the number of displaced people is 3 millions . More than 800 have died from the cholera disease and more than one hundred thousands are contaminated . Every 10 minutes a Yemeni child dies. This is how America was first invaded and colonized by spreading diseases and attacking innocent natives . Uncle Sam is still repeating these ugly deeds and attacking civilians instead of facing the Yemeni Army and Ansarullah and there is no one to stop him because all have subscribed to his agenda and to his mode of living and thinking . All have become the World Order


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