The Qataris are banned from Hajj also and no one knows what the world Order will come up with next to punish Qatar for doing the bidding of the World Order and financing and supporting Terror. There are 10 thousand US soldiers in al Udayd US military base located in Qatar that is the largest in the Gulf . Creating fictitious enemies to Muslims and Arabs is in order to lose track of the real enemy of the Zionist entity by shifting the struggle to another enemy away from the real one. Losing track could be reached by normalizing with the israeli enemy which they are doing, and also by creating fictitious enmities that have no basis. This way many things could be justified like the war on Yemen and the normalization with israel . Food is reaching Qatar from Iran by air due to the blockade which Qatar is paying for, and the Qatari officials can no more enter Gaza through Egypt but will have to do so through israel . And the Ansarullah are trying to reach to the Qataris while Turkey has already sent hundreds of soldiers. This ban proves to be to the advantage of the usurping state and of Saudi Arabia and USA and Turkey and Russia who wants to put its nose everywhere, and who knows if it is not for the benefit of Qatar also that will do anything to please its US master.


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