i will speak about the imam al Mazlum al Hassan . The first grandchild of the Rasul who called him al Hassan
No two differ on the love the Rasul carried for al Hassan and al Hussain
He spoke about how God loved his 2 Grand children and he called people to love them
They speak about how he used to love and hug them and respect them and he spoke about their nearness to God
Imam al Hassan from Ahlul Bayt
i will report 2 traditions that are much revealing
the Hadith of the Rasul that said they are 2 lords of the Youths of Heaven
meaning Al Hassan and al Hussain
in the Resurrection Day what counts is the faith and good deeds . Meaning that they do not owe this position to their blood relation with the Rasul; but they won it through their faith and deeds.
the other tradition says that Imam al Hassan physically and morally was very much like the Rasul
by the saying of the Prophet himself
and he had the same moral character and he was the closest to the Rasul
and we speak about sincerity and wisdom and faith , these are the characteristic traits of Imam al Hassan
He performed 20 times the Hajj from al Medina to Mekka walking and he was well off financially but will divide his wealth in two between himself and God
he showed patience and charity and mercy and all the difficulties he faced never made him angry
He assumed responsibility after the martyrdom of Imam Ali
And the conflict between Mo’awiya was present and they tried to find defects in him through which they can reach him but they could not find anything
and they made up lies about him that proved to be fake
even if they wanted to expose him people would have not believed them
the most important thing is the reconciliation with Mo’awiya
what is this reconciliation and why the Imam accepted it and what are its repercussions?
first the reconciliation signed with Mo’awiya was something that the Imam had to do as an only choice , because the other choice was to engage in war with Mo’awiya and to risk to lose and have the whole progeny of the Prophet fall victims
This circumstance was different from that of Karbalaa’
and they will tell you why not pacify with israel if the Imam pacified with Mo’awiya
This was not so much a reconciliation but rather a form of confrontation
this reconciliation guaranteed the perennity of Islam
Many of the companions of the Imam did not assimilate this,
Al Hussein would have done the same thing were he at the place of the Imam al Hassan, and al Hassan would have fought Karbalaa’ if he were at the place of Imam al Hussain

the second topic is Laylat al Qadr
mentioned twice in the holy Quran
in two separate verses
the Muslims agree that the Laylat al Qadr is during the Holy month of Ramadan
the Holy night is in the month of Ramadan
But which night / The holy Quran does not say
We have to refer to the tradition
and to Ahlulbayt
in the 21st or 23rd
the Sunnis say it is the 27th
between 19th and 23rd
this hiding is intentional and has a purpose
to motivate the faithful to look themselves for the Laylat al Qadr
We can reach a final conclusion
the 23rd it is said is the night we are speaking about
What the importance of this Laylat
this is when the Quran was inspired
but the verse is clear that it has descended in a blessed Night
the Godly praise of this Night
this Laylat is given importance and greatness
better than one thousand months
When God says this , this shows the greatness of such a Night
praying in this Night and reciting the Quran or charity is equal to doing all this during 80 years
This is God’s benevolence
from the point of view of the Almighty God will give in one night what he grants over 80 years
each year there is one Laylat al Qadr
what happens during this Night?
first the angels descend and spread because they are on a mission for the existence as a whole
the angels are everywhere and mobilized during this Night
the angels are to carry on God’s Orders
The Night where things are sorted out . all things are sorted out
everything is decided till the next Laylat al Qadr next year
everything that relates to existence will be decided during this night and everything related to men also
their welfare and sanity and health and property and life
and all the angels are busy
everything is sorted out in this night according to Imam al Baqir
also this Night is peace upon all the good intentioned sent by God
it is the peak of the hosting by the Almighty
to celebrate this night is after the sunset, Maghrib
to stay up from the sunset to the dawn and worship
to celebrate in Jama’a is better also
to pray for others is what CHARACTERIZES THIS NIGHT and to benefit also personally from
to remember the deaths , we can pray for them , and for the martyrs and the injured we pray that they show patience and those who suffer from the injuries and also the prisoners and the missing ones , and to retrieve the remains of the martyrs and those who are under siege . and the Resistance fighters who protect us
we should not forget those
to end the wars and have peace reign and we need God’s help so as to end the people’s suffering of this area
to pray for the poor and dispossessed. and to pray for the after life
to pray that God saves us from hell and grant us his closeness that is the most important thing
not to forget the Imam Khamina’i in our prayer and the awaited al Mahdi and do not forget me in your prayers

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