We no more hear of the Palestinian prisoners. It seems this was a big maneuver monitored by foreign NGOs and the Palestinian Authority at its head Marwan al Barghouthi to liquidate the prisoners’ cause and neutralize it . It was already a maneuver to divide the cause- that is one indivisible cause – into bits of causes dealing with each issue separately like al Aqsa or .Jerusalem or the Wall of separation or the prisoners or Gaza’s. and – after that -to turn the prisoners’ cause into a demands cause without asking for their immediate release . The prisoners do not want to take pictures with their families only , they want to be with their families in their homeland that needs to be liberated from Zionist occupation and this right should not be overlooked for the sake of minor rights . We had warned against such campaigns that seek to contain the prisoners’ movement and the Palestinian Intifada and control them on behalf of foreign and Zionist affiliated NGOs through the Palestinian Authority , and at the same time promote al Barghouthi-the Palestinian Mandela that will do to the Palestinian Resistance movement what Mandela did to the South African revolution.

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