See how the World Order functions and how the`World Order wages for its policies through its respective agents . Iran was directly targeted yesterday , and Iran is targeted by other ways also. Just after the Riyad Conference, and just before KSA severs its ties with Qatar, already Lady Catherine Shakdam of Wikistrat , and on Press TV , had spilled the beans saying that Qatar qualifies to coordinate and to come close to Iran waging for the Qatari-Iranian rapprochement that should be conditional. This happened just few days before Riyad declares` severing its ties with Qatar followed by other Arab countries , a declaration that went together with imposing a blockade on Qatar which caused Qatar to rely on Iran for food and water supplies that has already started , and for Turkey to send forces to Qatar. . Shakdam was told by her handlers to wage for this` Rapprochement in order to create a sort of Coalition made of Qatar , Turkey and Iran in order to contain Iran which is the new plan that is being cooked for the Axis of the` Resistance .

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  1. danielmabsout says:

    3`ships from Iran have left to Qatar carrying food and`water supplies . This is not a serious` blockade . Why the Saudi vessels are not blocking the`sea as they are doing in Yemen or like israel is `doing to Gaza which is a great inspiration to Saudis ? Why they are allowing foods in and why the` Qatari airports `and the sea ports are` still functioning ? The whole thing is `a maneuver as it seems to strengthen ties between Qatar and Iran and bring Turkey to the new Axis at the expense of the old one.


  2. danielmabsout says:

    The Arab intellectuals `affiliated to the Syrian regime are cheering over the ban imposed by Arab countries on Qatar`seeing in it a great opportunity for another alignment that will be favoravble to Syria . These intellectuals think that this alignment of Qatar, Turkey and Iran will bring Turkey and Qatar closer to Iran while what is intended from this maneuver is to bring Iran closer to Qatar and Turkey and to have Qatar and Turkey contain HAMAS as Muslim Brothers . But the cheer leaders of the Syrian regime refuse to see this new alignment under this light , and they think Qatar and Turkey to be independent countries that can act independently from the World Order the`same way they saw the rogue country called Russia as an independent entity with a separate agenda. Whether the NATO country called Turkey, or the stooge country that contains the biggest US military base , they are not independent and they will not lift `a finger without US permission and they are great normalizers with israel . These `are maneuvers and the target is not Qatar or any other country, the target as usual are Iran and the forces of the` Resistance . Today Trump sent an invitation to the Qatari prince to visit `Washington..


  3. danielmabsout says:

    The Cheer Leaders of the Syrian Regime say that Turkey is not satisfied with US empowering the Kurds of Syria and relying on them in its `anti Terror war to liberate al Raqqa and replace ISIS by the SDF .. For this` reason, Turkey will distance itself from US and from its allies to try to draw other alliances like for instance with Iran and with Russia . Other cheer leaders say that Turkey might also leave NATO for the sake of this new alliance with Russia and Iran that includes also Qatar . These people are totally deluded ; and even if Turkey leaves NATO, it will be upon US request .The cheer leaders instead of investing in the Resistance forces and the Syrian people are investing in world Order schemes and maneuvers and fake alignments and alliances .


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