This Gulf drama that we witness right now has started long ago since KSA was founded by the colonizer and was one of its first chapters and since the Wahabi school became the Religious reference for the Arab peninsula promoted by the same colonizer . Since then, this drama has not stopped, and another chapter has started today with the ban on Qatar . This ban has a purpose and it is to show that Terror is a Muslim and an Arab product . The West wants to detach itself from this product at any cost and affiliate it to the Arab and Muslim culture turning Arabs and Muslims into people that are unfit to survive exactly like the Natives of US who bore their own destiny and carried the seeds of their own destruction .

Who watched today George Galloway on al Mayadeen TV exposing Islam will understand better the western agenda- to which Galloway has subscribed – which is to attribute Terror to Islam and to conclude that Terror is Muslim bred and Arab bred which means ultimately that Muslims do not deserve to live unless they alter their Religion to make it suit the western patterns for survival -of behavior and thought .

Thus, detaching the West from Terror has become an ultimate goal and then associating it with Wahabism . As if the Salafi thought or the Wahabi thought could – on its own – bring over tons of weapons from eastern Europe and other places to supply ISIS and various terrorist groups . As if the means ISIS possesses including sophisticated` weapons and sophisticated material could be obtained easily by a `Religious group whether Wahabi or not . As if these weapons did not have for origin the same origin as Terror itself .

This is NOT Islam , not even Wahabi Islam . These are the Proxy armies of the colonial West . These are mercenaries and killers and they have nothing to do with Islam , they are Muslims as long as they are paid to pause as Muslims, and they will stop being Muslims the minute their wages stop. Galloway should be exposed for waging for this agenda from al Mayadeen TV that absolves the colonial West from crimes against humanity and accuses the Arab and Muslim Culture of these crimes . These crimes are of the colonial west and they bear the marks of the colonial west whatever is the religion or identity of the perpetrators.

Who is this Galloway who is waging for this agenda ? He was the friend of Saddam whom he denies now, and a friend of Erdogan whose mild Islam he admired before exposing him , and a friend of Palestine so to speak before showing enmity to HAMAS . Who are you Galloway ?


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