Sources say that this is the end of Qatar and that this has been decided after the Riyad Conference and has to do with what is planned for the Palestinian settlement ..Others say that this is a passing crisis that will reach a solution through some mediator from the gulf . Experts also say that a`change in the rule or a KSA invasion of Qatar is not excluded or a Saudi occupation of the country. It is not clear what will happen and what the conspirators have in store for the Gulf region . What is certain is that all what happened came with US agreement, and today, the Bank of Qatar was banned and the Saudis forbade the Central Bank from dealing with the the Qatari Riyal , and Saudis called for removing al Jazeera from the Nile Sat and Arab Sat .

What experts say is that thi is just a maneuver, and a lesson for other countries in the area to know that any Arab country that refuses to commit itself to the Riyad declaration will be punished the way Qatar is being punished, which means that they will be sanctioned if they do not put HAMAS and Hizbullah on their Terror list and similar measures`will be taken by KSA against them . Other sources say that Trump is blackmailing the Qataris the same way he blackmailed the Saudis and hopes to get Qatari funds against protecting the country .

KSA is putting many conditions in order to stop its campaign against Qatar among them that Qatar closes al Jazeera TV , and throws out israeli Palestinian think tank Azmi Beshara and to close the`Arab version of the Huffington post that Qatar issues, and to ban HAMAS and other Muslim Brothers from Qatar . Expert Ahmad Mousalli on al Mayadeen TV said that Qatar will not respond to these impositions and will seek to join other countries in a new Coalition that groups Iran and Turkey, and Qatar is already using the Iranian airspace since the Gulf air space`was shut before its flights , and 200 planes are reaching Qatar this way by way of Iran .

If one looks closer at the situation this`would be the role given to Qatar by USA that was decided at the Riyad Conference , which might be to form this kind of Coalition with Turkey and Iran that will face the other Coalition of the other Gulf countries with Egypt and Jordan , together with israel, in one front against Terror. This will be another attempt at drawing Iran to another alliance that is an alliance with countries that pacify and normalise with israel like`Qatar and Turkey . For this reason , Qatar has been given a role with HAMAS and has been hosting HAMAS leaders and now Qatar is`seeking Iran- a country that is the pillar of the` Axis of the ` Resistance to form an alliance with Qatar that is the first Gulf country that has ever normalized with israel .

What is happening seems to be another attempt at assimilating Iran and the Palestinian Resistance as a preparation for the final settlement of the Palestinian cause . And after trying the Russian Card , and having Russia – the friend of israel- coordinate with Iran in Syria ,and infiltrate the Axis of the Resistance, comes the turn of Qatar to coordinate with Iran . For this reason, the Saudi -israeli relations are being highlighted at the expense of the` Qatari- israeli relations that are more evolved and go back to more than a decade ago..

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