Like leader Khamina’i said the youth is number one target , and because the youth are the future of any nation and are the potential , they are targeted , and all efforts are directed in order to have a youth that is subversive and lost and unfocused, and so much efforts the predators are putting into this . After separating the individual from his culture and Religion, and after severing the connection between effort and attainment , it became easy to sway the youth away from the right path that leads to the achievement of the desired goals, and then attach them to an alien agenda and alien goals while pretending to have something to offer them . The World Order interferes in a way by giving easy answers to the quest of the youth that are ready made answers come to replace the real answers which are attainable only by right effort . By this they subvert any real effort towards the goal. Because of this, the targeted youth feels lost and unfulfilled , and instead of understanding what happened, they indulge in this condition and feel satisfied with the ready made answers and start attaching to imported appearances rather than to their real experience.

Because of this, the youth start focusing on visible expressions.There is so much insistence on what is seen and heard as a priority. This puts the young men and women under lots of pressure, and make them over conscious about their appearance and the way they look and the way things look, and shakes their self confidence, and this is intended . . An average youth that has normalized with the western values or embraced these values will laugh loudly , and speak in a loud voice and show his affinity with the other sex in different ways , mixing with the other gender and displaying this by way of embracing or kissing or hugging and other things that are alien to our society but that the enemy want us to grow accustomed to . The youth has not chosen anything of this , and this promiscuity is not the` choice of the youth and also none of the patterns of behavior displayed above is the youth choice .

These patterns are imposed and there is a `process of normalization, and there is conditioning that the youth is subject to This conditioning was done through NGOs and foreign affiliated NGOs, and these NGOs have access to the youth especially to university students, and these NGOs infiltrate society at all levels, and they have dangerous agendas that seek instability and chaos , and what makes them most dangerous is that they raise righteous causes that are of direct concern to the society like education and marriage and family and others that have to do with career, and various concerns like`religion and `secularity and laws and civil rights and freedom and art and environment and you name it . All these areas are occupied areas and fields by the multiple NGOs that have infiltrated the society in order to curb and abort any righteous endeavor and any right effort in the direction..Thus, society has lost the youth to the infiltrators , and instead of presenting a potential for the society, the youth has become the Army of NGOs . A lost unfocused Army whose weapons are ignorance and want in depth and vision and concentration .

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