Who reads one verse of the Koran during this month is equal to reading the whole book
i will speak about reciting the Quran and our responsibility in this
the Quran is God’s work that descended to the heart of the Rasul
the Quran is God’s miracle
the I’jaz of the Quran i will speak about one aspect
the verses kept descending for 23 years until the inspiration was over
1450 years since the Quran descended
and the Quran had not been altered in any way
1, 400 billion believed that the Quran has not been altered
This is I’jaz
As for the Sunna there are many falsities in them and this started during the life of the Prophet
and the Prophet had complained about this
The munafiqoon played a big part in it and the Jews also
and during political struggles they put ahadeeth traditions that were not related to the Rasul
there are hundreds of thousands of ahadeeth – traditions- that are not authentic
But they put norms and many ahadeeth traditions were discriminated and discarded
some will tell you to discard the whole of the Sunna for this reason but this is not acceptable , because we should know the life of the Rasul and the Quran ordered us to do so

Why the Quran was not subject to such distortion ?
Why this did not happen ? There were circumstances that were suitable for this and why this did not happen is not because they refrained . They were great cheaters and
they must have attempted to do this and to falsify the verses
the only reason why they didn’t do it is because God prevented it
to know that this Quran is from God , and to know that God is addressing you through the Quran

this is addressed to all
if one wants to speak to God it is through the Quran
This is a Book for guidance , a Book that is faultless
this is not a story or history
there are stories in the Quran but these stories are not complete they don’t tell the whole story
only the part that instructs
This is in order to learn
and is not a book about nature even if It speaks about those things
The goal is not to introduce us to any of the sciences
this is a Book of guidance and this is how we should read the Quran for our benefit
the Quran is life and nourishment for our Spirit
one feeds one’s body by food
the soul of man needs this different nourishment
Thus is the Quran, It brings peace to the heart and is the best Zikr
we are descending this Quran to make your heart stable
and It reveals to us so many truths

the Quran heals . in this month we should keep all this in mind
and this peace and healing and nourishment and this is how we should approach the Quran
As for the tilawa . we should respect the Quran
i will speak about the reciting of the Quran
Tilawa means reading
God has allowed this reading in all circumstance provided that the Quran is respected
in Ramadan reading one verse equals reading the full text in other months
the tilawa should be made after cleansing and other things
how to read the Quran
some think that we should recite the Quran like the Qurra’ do
How did God ask us to read
reading should be by Tajweed
What is tarteel? Is pronouncing each word clearly and to know how to pronounce each letter
to read slowly and clearly . This is tarteel and tajweed
It is ordained by God to do so
and we should respect the case endings of the words
we should be careful in reading
to read with a sad voice also
what is important is the understanding and this is what is required
We should read in a way to understand
and interact with the Quran and concentrate and meditate
and draw the right lessons from the Quran
the Quran is like the treasures of the sea unfathomable
one reads God’s attributes and read that there is no par to God
Imam Ali speaking about the devoted ones reading in the daylight and in the night
And if they read an inciting verse about heaven their hearts become longing for it
and they do sujud and ask God to liberate them
and they read the different verses and interact differently according to the content and this is Tadabbur and they remember those who are inspired

there are two phases
we could abide by the rules of tajweed and this is good
but the first requirement is not this . tajweed is not ordained
what is ordained in to read clearly the words without grammar mistakes
to learn Tajweed is too difficult and the content should not be lost
and the priority is to the meaning and UNDERSTANDING
and meditating and pondering
this is the most important
without these constraints in the Tajweed
this tajweed is also possible after many years
let us make the Quran our companion and Friend
and this is the best friend
May God give us the opportunity to read the Quran the way we should

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