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leader Khamina’i commemorating the 28th year on the departure of Imam Khomeini saying that the Revolution and the Imam are one , and the commemoration of the Revolution like the commemoration of Ashura’ is something that should be repeated like reciting the Koran also , and this in order to avoid that this truth to be distorted , the truth about the Revolution should not be distorted. nor lost .

The leader addressed the Youth because the Youth did not witness the Revolution and this thing should be made clear to the youth because the youth is targeted. The leader said the Revolution happened by God’s grace , This was not a change of rule but was a transformation. Our society added the leader had lost its identity and a new society came out of the`Revolution and this happened thanks to the People .

There were goals that were sought by the Imam and he wanted to throw out those with bad intentions . The politicians thought that this was not possible because the Imam had raised the ceiling high .But the Imam succeeded and made the`Revolution win and last. The Imam took the`Revolution to the safe Shore said leader Khamina’i . He succeeded in guiding and inspiring and motivating the people .

The Imam could invest in the potential of the people and could keep them rallying in the streets . He` could draw such energy from them. He had Charisma and he attracted the people and the youths. The Youths were subject to do different thoughts. They were leftist of some sort, They could have`chosen otherwise but they chose the Imam because the Imam `was sincere, they chose him . They chose sincerity over other things .

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