The 28th commemoration of Imam


The 28th commemoration of the departure of late Imam Khomeini is being celebrated who led the Islamic Revolution and achieved for his country Iran the status of independence and sovereignty . Thus ,something unusual happened; an independent state took birth in the form of an Islamic country that severed all ties with the colonialist and at all levels.

This happened at a time the colonizer had everything under control . The Arab countries were partitioned and divided and they were indirectly ruled by the coloniser, and their independence was only in name, and israel was still surviving but there were tensions and pressures. Palestine was never forgotten, and the Palestinians were still struggling but without achieving any significant progress towards Palestine .

The Revolution of the Imam happened at that precise moment where the Palestinian issue needed to express itself more than any time before, and the Revolution opened its bosom to Palestine and made Palestine its first concern . Since then this has never stopped, and the Palestinian issue was back to occupy the regional and` world tribunes . It is Iran that gave this dimension to Palestine . And it is the Imam who did this by bringing the Palestinian issue to the heart of the Islamic concern where it should be and by embracing the Arab Cause against the Zionist occupation .

Thus, Arabs realized that Palestine is not lost, and things could take an altogether different turn in favor of peace and justice and in favor of Arabs and Palestine . It is the Iranian Revolution that changed this equation into something totally different , and it is the Imam who restored to Palestine the place Palestine deserves.

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