Cholera has taken the lives of 600 people and affected 73 thousand Yemenis and more is expected. People in remote places are unable`to reach hospitals to get the adequate treatment, and they are dying because they cannot afford the trip . Add to this the starvation the population is subject to due to the blockade .

If this has a name , it is genocide , but no one seems to care. They are ready to take to streets to protest against Trump withdrawing from the Paris Agreement but they are not ready to lift a finger for the children of Yemen who are starving and stricken with disease. They are defending the climate and the environment but the Yemenis are not part of it . The Yemenis are outside the healthy environment the Westerners seek, they are not part of the scenery . It is nothing if the Yemenis die , it is the environment that counts . Shame on us all .

It is the genocide of the Natives that is repeating itself everywhere by the same people who genocided the Native indigenous of America , and the Cholera is the Small Pox that the colonizers contaminated the indigenous with, and no one knows how many victims the Cholera will cause .

The predator has destroyed most of the infra structure of the country, and there is no clean water left, and the people have only access to contaminated water. The same colonizers who got away with their first genocide will commit this one after their second and third and fourth . So we are going from genocide to genocide, and this is what is in store for us , so what is to be done ?

Everything shows that this was not restricted to the New World indigenous , nor were the indigenous savages , they were peaceful people with a fine culture and we let the predator prey on them and picture them as uncivilized savages to get away with his crime . Now , the predator does not need anymore to get away with anything because all have subscribed to the predator’s “civilization” and have become the predator’s partners, and the predator feels safe now to commit all the crimes he wants, and all what the predator gets in return is protests in favor of the climate while very few will remain to enjoy such climate.


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