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Questions about Harun Elbinawi and questions about Sheikh Zakzaki will lead us to ask questions about Kurdish leader Abdallah Ocalan .There is infiltration on the Nigerian front . The fate of Sheikh Zakzaki remains unknown and so the fate of IMN member Harun Elbinawi is also unknown and many are personifying him. and using his name to write crap . The field is free for infiltrators or operate far from Zakzaki’s line and path and the infiltrators have taken advantage of it .We no more recognize Elbinawi in what he writes`or says .The same thing applies to PKK leader Abdallah Ocalan , we no more recognize Abdallah Ocalan in what the Kurds are doing that claim to be related to him and affiliated to him . We do not recognize Ocalan in the Kurds fighting the wars of US in Syria , we do not recognize him in the Kurds getting US weapons to fulfill the US schemes in the region and carry on their vicious plans . We do not recognize Ocalan in all this . Someone is taking advantage of Ocalan’s absence to drift and do things that are not in line with his thinking . We know nothing of Ocalan and what Ocalan thinks of all this and we think that someone is taking advantage of his absence to take the Kurds of Syria astray.

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