The problem is not the global World Order in itself. The problem is the inability to reach a common understanding or a common stand between people or between a large faction of the people regarding the World Order , and the absence of this common understanding that involves the whole of society puts the individual alone in confrontation with the system .

This confrontation has become an individual problem instead of being a collective problem. There are no more large social strata that can face this challenge, and the individual alone is helpless and powerless while the global World Order is strong and feeds on the ignorance of the people and on their lack of understanding and insight into their individual and their collective condition. And we see the whole of the society defeated by the system and standing against the individual.

As for the groups of individuals like political parties and unions and societies and so on , they are not up to the challenge because the solidarity between their constituents is weak, and they cannot stand together as one, and also they are limited in their number and in their scope and are not qualified to face such a challenge as a group because they divide and defect and get swayed due to their individual discrepancies .

Those who qualify for such a challenge are a strata of the society such as Hizbullah known for their unity and solidarity and deep common cultural and religious roots that makes them stand as one and speak as one . Those are the ones who qualify to confront the World Order and they can change many things . The global world order is after them for this reason . Those who want to confront and change things can rally behind this force called the Resistance in order to bring about the desired change.

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