Why the Kurds want a Kurdistan that the United States will bring for them? and who told them that US will carry its promise to grant them their independent state across countries , a state that will be set against its neighbors . Who needs such a thing and who wants to live in an inimical environment, and who wants that thing that US will bring be it Kurdistan or some other state . The Kurdistan of Iraq is a nest for zionists that are here to spy on Iran and on Iraq . But the PKK is different and headed by Ocalan who was abducted by the Zionists and brought to Turkey to get sentenced for life . How can the PKK seek to create an entity that is against its environment like israel is . It was a big mistake not to allow the Kurds of Syria to get weapons from Iran to defend themselves against ISIS which caused them to accept weapons from the US and the Peshmerga and then to become tools of the US and carry on the US schemes in Syria .

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