The Popular Crowd liberates 17 km of the borders with Syria from the 670 km that form the common borders . The Crowd will not cross the borders except by parliamentary decree that ISIS does not need of course to cross back and forth from Iraq to Syria or vice versa . Sources say the common borders will be divided between USA and Syria and the US has already secured the al Tanaf area in the south on the common borders between Jordan, Iraq and Syria and has prepared the New Syrian Army – NSA- for this purpose, and introduced tons of weapons to the area to secure it and brought its own tanks and vehicles . The USA considers this area a de escalation area that the Syrian Army should not trespass . This, while the Syrian Army tries to cross the desert through Tadmur to head to the borders, and is to be met half way by the ISIS thugs that are evacuating al Raqqa to position themselves in the desert between Tadmur and Homs where they will keep the Syrian Army busy and prevent it from achieving its goal. All these movements around the borders with Iraq – whether on the Syrian or the Iraqi side-whether ISIS or SDF or FSA or NSA or the Turks including the Syrian Army , the Russians and the Popular Crowd are directly monitored by US or coordinated with US , and Russia is in charge of implementing them on the ground in Syria ..

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